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Terms of Membership


Seiko Dream Square Online Store ("Site") is operated by Seiko Watch Corporation, Wako Co., Ltd. (Seiko Dream Square),(collectively, "Company").
Please read Terms of Membership ("Terms of Membership") below carefully before you register as a member of the Site.
When you click "Register" button, you are deemed to have accepted and agreed to comply with these Terms of Membership. ("you" or "your" means users of the Site including, in the case of any minor, the minor's parent or guardian.)
These Terms of Membership may be amended from time to time without notice. Please refer to the latest version.

Article 1: Terms of Membership Scope

Terms of Membership are applied to all matters on the Site between Company and members who register as a member of the Site ("Members").

Article 2: Definition of Membership

"Members" defined in Terms of Membership are those who Company admits as "Members" after customers follow appropriate procedures on membership registration to use shopping services, etc. on the Site.

Article 3: Condition of Membership

Unless Members fall under Article 10. Disqualification of Membership of Terms of Membership, the qualification of membership is valid until Members withdraw their membership after registration as Members.

Article 4: Membership Registration

  1. Please click “My Account” button on the top of the page of the Site.
  2. After entering required information, please read "Terms of Membership" and "Privacy Policy". Then please check the box entitled "I have read and accept the 'Terms of Membership' and 'Privacy Policy'".
  3. After clicking "Register" button, you will receive "Notice about Registration" email.
  4. Please click "CONFIRM REGISTRATION" button in the email within 24 hours after receiving the email.

  • The password is very important information for your identification.
    Members should strictly manage it and not disclose it to others.
  • If your input email address has already been used, you cannot register as a Member.
  • We cannot accept duplicate registration by the same customer.
  • If you are registered with the same e-mail address on the following site operated by our company, you may not be able to register because the e-mail address is already used. In that case, please log in with the email address and password registered on the site below.

    Grand Seiko Boutique Online

We use your registered email address for sending "Order Confirmation", "Your Watch is Ready for Pick Up", or "Information about new products, campaigns, events, etc." etc. emails. Also, we may contact you via email about your order etc.

Article 5: Login ID and Password

  1. The site uses your email address as your login ID.
  2. You can set your own password as you choose.
  3. Only you can use your password. You are not allowed to lend or transfer it to others.
  4. You have the responsibility for managing your login ID and password at your own risk.
  5. We have no responsibility for any loss or damage arising from unexpected use of your login ID and password by you or others.

If you forget your password, please follow the steps below.
  • Please click "My Account" button on the top of the page of the Site.
  • Please enter your email address and click "Submit" button, then you will receive "Notice about Password Reset" email.
  • Please set new password after clicking "Password Reset" button in the email.
  • Please note that when you changed the password of this site and if you had registered with the same login ID on the following site, the password of the following site will also be changed.

    ◎ We cannot answer your inquiry by phone or email in order to prevent unauthorized use.

Article 6: Membership Benefits

After registration as a Member, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Basic information autofill
    The saved name and shipping address can be displayed automatically in the checkout page.
  2. Order history
    You can confirm your past orders over the past 2 years. Any orders made without membership login do not save as your history.
  3. Address Book
    Shipping information is saved in "Address Book".
    The saved information can be edited directly from "Address Book" in "My Account".
    ◎ If you have not registered as a member, or if you have registered as a member but have not logged in, you are required to input required information such as name, address and so on every time you place an order.
  4. Wishlist
    You can save the products that you are interested in to "Wishlist" while you are shopping. Afterward, you can check the products in "Wishlist".
  5. Information about new products, campaigns, events, etc
    Members can subscribe to "Information about new products, campaigns, events, etc" which delivers the latest information from the Site.
  6. Use of following E-commerce site
    After registration as a Member, you can use following E-commerce site operated by Company.

    Grand Seiko Boutique Online

Article 7: Registered Information check and update

You can check and update your registered information from "My Account" on the top of the page.

◎ Your order history is the information at the completion of your order. So you cannot change it afterwards.
◎If you update the following information, those information in Grand Seiko Boutique Online will be updated.

Target information

Article 8: Address Book

If you register as a Member, you can save your shipping information in "Address Book". You can use this information when placing your order.
You can use "Address Book" after clicking "My Account" button on the top of the page after login. You can check the list of your shipping information, add a new one or edit existing information. Also, you can set one as a default. If you check the box entitled "Set as default", this information is automatically displayed in the checkout page (You can select the other shipping information in the checkout page by clicking "Address Book").

Article 9: Personal Information of Membership

Please refer to "Privacy Policy".

Article 10: Disqualification of Membership

When Members fall under any one of the following items, Members shall lose the qualification of membership.
  1. A case that there are false entries in registered information
  2. A case where login IDs or passwords are used improperly
  3. A case that Members fail to pay at least one payment under an individual sales contract for the products on the Site
  4. A case of violating Terms of Membership or Terms of Use
  5. A case that there's a reasonable reason for Company to make the qualification of membership unavailable

Article 11: Membership Withdrawal

Members can withdraw from our membership at any time.
Please open "About Closing Your Account" by clicking "My Account" button on the top of the page after login. If you click "Withdrawal" button at the bottom of the page, the withdrawal procedure will be completed.
◎Terms of Membership are applied for all the sales contracts with your products before closing the account, even after you withdraw from our membership. For details, please refer to "Privacy Policy".
◎Membership benefits such as "Order History", "Address Book", etc. are no longer available and all registered information will be deleted after withdrawal.
◎When member withdraw on this site, you will also withdraw the following E-Commerce site if you have membership.

Article 12: Revision of Terms

These Terms of Membership are subject to change without notice.
The details of the changes will be notified on this Site, and approval from Members is deemed to have been obtained upon notification thereof.

Article 13: Governing Law & Jurisdiction

  1. Terms of Membership shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
  2. In the case of dispute between Members and Company regarding the Site or Terms of Membership, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court.

<Supplemental Provision>
Terms of Membership are enforced on December 23, 2020.

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